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After ten successful years working as a case manager and program coordinator within the Disability Service Sector I made the decision to use my maternity/family leave to indulge my passion for writing and the world of social media. Enter the creation of this blog in 2009 and a whirl-wind adventure that lead to me returning to study and eventuated in finding a new career I love in digital communications.    

Today Caz Filmer Writes is my own boutique business incorporating my passion for blogging (Word Nerding and Ballarat For Families) and my desire to support others to connect and engage their businesses in the digital world.  I have formal qualification in Marketing, Management and Project Management and look forward to using these skills, along with my background as a blogger, to support you to create some social media synergy for the business that you  love. 


Ballarat Small Business Package: If you’re looking for help to develop your presence in the online world I would be delighted to work with you.  I am passionate about Ballarat as a town and those who live and work here and happy to work on a cost ratio that suits your business.  This might include low-cost sidebar advertising, social media setup, ongoing social media support and/or management or writing to engage your blogging audience. I like to take a creative approach and think of new and interesting ways to work – but your ideas are always the best place to start!   

I am also open to discussing supporting local NFP organisation without charge and working on community project that  promote a better Ballarat.   For example the Ballarat Bucket List and the Buy Local Ballarat Gift Inspiration Guide.     Please contact me so we can talk more about how I can help support you to achieve your best.  (Contact From at the bottom of this page.)

Advertising :    I offer low-cost sidebar advertising on an ongoing basis.  Please email me to discuss the rates and how these apply to different sized businesses.

Review & Giveaway: I have run some hugely successful R&Gs in the past and continue to have high ranking search results many of my reviews .  I don’t charge a fee to complete R&Gs however I do appreciate being able to keep the reviewed item and give something away to my loyal readers. 

Sponsored Posts: Once upon am time I relished the  challenge of creating interesting and readable sponsored posts on my blog.    These days it takes more to persuade me.  It needs to be a product I believe in and connect with on a personal level.    If you have a product you think might just do that please feel  free to email me and we can talk turkey! Businesses I have worked with


To find out more about how I can support you or get a quote on a potential partnership please contact me here.



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