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May 31, 2016 · 4 comments

Do you ever feel like internally you need to thaw out?  Apparently I do. My soul feels frozen and numb. Not necessarily in an evil or destructive way. But none the less unyielding and unwilling to give.  I don’t exactly know what this means.  It’s a new feeling for me.  I’m usually so good at […]


As mums we have a tendency to get so caught up being  ‘a good parent’ that we  forget  the seriously important stuff.   Like the fact that our kids need to know that we value ourselves as people enough to spend time doing the things we love.  Most women are born with an inbuilt need […]


Thoughts of Christmas have been taking up a lot of space in  my somewhat overcrowded head of late.   I love Christmas.  (I’m a fan and will face-off with anyone who disses it.)    I  love almost every thing about  it.    The music,  the food,  the decorations, having family around, making people happy with […]


Post image for Moving Bodies Moving Boundaries {e.motion21 ~  Ballarat}

Today I want to share with you about an amazing, energetic and boundary pushing organisation that teaches dance to children and young adults with Down syndrome. I would love to be able to convey just how special this program is, and how much it means to those involved, but in all honestly I know words […]


Beading is beautiful

March 10, 2014 · 6 comments

Post image for Beading is beautiful

 These beautiful trays of beads arrived at our place a couple of weeks ago and the girls have been using every inch of pester power they possess to get me to let them create with them.  Finally this weekend they won and they got to spend a few hours in beautiful beading heaven! Needless to […]


Post image for 2014 Unprocessed – getting my health back on.

  Time for me to update on my plans for  world domination  (maybe not just yet) to heal my body through clean eating, removing chemicals from our home and de-stressing.   Okay, sounds like a massive task when I write it down like that – but honestly it’s not. A quick recap just in case […]


Post image for Keep calm and get a grip mummy.

The truth is right now that mummy needs to get a grip.  2014 is not working out as I planned (yes already) and I’m feeling the weight of emotions pressing heavily on my heart.  You see right now my life is equally divided in to three parts of caring. Firstly, my precious and beautiful girls.  […]


Post image for Dairy of the over-emotional (but not so whimpy) mummy

I learned a little while back that, like most things,  being an overly emotional person has its good and bad sides.  I’ve come to understand that emotions  are usually there to teach you something about yourself.   When I start to feel a tide of them rising up to swallow me, instead of panicking these […]


Post image for Spending time in the kitchen.

I’ve made a commitment with myself to spend more time in my kitchen.   Funny that, because over the last six months or so I’ve been trying  really hard to avoid it.   I’ve been bored and frustrated with my daily doses of  mundane meal preparation. Cooking and cleaning up started to feel like to […]


I guess I should have been prepared for emotional overload this morning.  After all I’ve known for ages that today I would be watching my baby girl put on a school uniform and sending her off for her first day of school transition. Yes 2014 is the year my very last beautiful little girl heads […]


So, have you started yet?    I guess it depends on your  Christmas shopping personality.  Are you one of those super organised early starters or more of a  last-minute shop till you dropper?  This year I’ve decided I want to be a little more mindful about what I want to buy the girls.   That […]


Today I turned 43.  (Yes I am THAT OLD.)   Hippobirdy to me!!    Having deposited all my children where they need to be I’m now sitting snuggle up under a cozy comfy blanket on my bed with a cup of coffee and my laptop – one of my  happy places.    I’ve been feeling […]