The Truth About Mummy Story

Ballarat Victoria

The Truth About Mummy is a personal story telling blog that was born out of this mummy’s need to balance  the desire to be a ‘Super Stay-at-Home Mum’ with the need to be recognised as the person she was before three little pink people came and took over her life!   As you may well be aware yourself, being a mummy can be tough gig.  In fact I think it would be safe to say that the mixture of sleep deprivation, the total change of focus away from you and the 24 hours a day consistency needed to be a good mum, is the hardest (and probably the most rewarding) thing I’ve ever done.   Now that’s the truth!  Makes my career in Community Services  seem like a walk on the beach  on a sunny day  ~ with an ice-cream!

One sleep deprived day in late 2009 I had a moment of clarity. I picked up my laptop and started to write The Truth About Mummy.  It was cathartic, fun and all about me – and I loved it.  Hello blogging addiction.  As a person who loves words (despite being a little dyslexic) and social media I had found my hobby soul mate and knew there would be no turning back.  The blog follows my journey as I started to reclaim my life and work out my new sense of normal.   As they say, there is no going back to your pre-child life – you simply have to create a new one.  After four years and three babies I was struggling to remember my own name – let alone my old life.

The Truth About Mummy has evolved and changed a lot since it began.  My girls (the COGs or Pinks) have grown up and my sense of self has returned. I’m now a school and kinder mum and there is not one single baby toy left in my house!    Over the years I have been lucky enough to build some great links with a few wonderful PR companies and have held some fabulous reviews and given away a bunch of terrific stuff to other mums.   It makes me feel good to be able to contribute to the well-being of others travelling down the same path I’ve been on.   I’ve also learned a bucket load about social media management and look forward to being able to use this knowledge in the future to work some social media magic for others.

These days The Truth About Mummy is about the things I love.   My family and how we interact with the world around us is a huge part of that.  Over 2014 I’m also focusing on my goal stop eating processed food and spend more time in the kitchen,  re-purposing old furniture (making old worthless things new again),  blogging, social media  and a few other  crazy random thoughts that take up space in my brain.      Wanna follow along?    Get involved, leave a comment or join in the facebook and twitter chatter.  I’d love to meet you and share the journey with you.