Sticky Date pudding – Road test from Super Food Ideas (June 2011)


On impulse the other day at the supermarket a copy of Super Food Ideas landed in my trolley.  Yesterday, while waiting for the carpet layers to finish  laying our brand new beautiful, fresh  carpets, I decided to make dessert for friends who were bringing us tea. (Yes we have good friends in these parts!)   The entire house was in total disarray (laying new carpet is like totally moving out of your home just for one day and then back in again) but I had my issue of Super Food Idea and after a quick check  all the ingredients for their Sticky Date pudding organised on my kitchen benchtop.

So, after turning the oven on to pre-heat and lining the baking tin, I put  2 cups of chopped dates into 2 cups of water and brought them to the boil before simmering them for five minutes.  At which point they looked like this.  (Can you see the stacks of furniture peeking out at the back of the photo 🙂

Then I put the butter, brown sugar, eggs, flour, spice and date mixture into a bowl and mixed  it with a spoon until combined.  ( Don’t worry I’ll put the full recipe at the bottom of the post).  I also added some pecan nuts which are listed in the recipe.

The mixture went into the baking tin and exactly one hour later it came out looking like this.   Just a tiny bit burn around the edges – might lower the temp a bit next time and cook for 5-10 minutes longer.

While it cooled I made the butterscotch sauce.  Now this sauce should come with a warning label – it is divine and way to easy to make.  Simply combine sugar, cream and butter, bring to the boil and then simmer for five minutes.  To easy. To delicious!

And this is what it looked liked served up to my family and friends.  I’m happy to report they were all plate lickingly impressed – especially the three pinks.   This road test = success.  A simple, clear recipe which was easy to follow and turned out even better than expected.  Thank-you Super Food Ideas.



2 cups of chopped pitted dates
1 tsp bicarb soda
100g butter (chopped)
3/4 cup of firmly packed brown sugar
2 eggs
1 cup SR flour
1/3 cup plain flour
1 tsp mixed spice


Pre-heat oven to 180/160 fan forced
Grease and line bottom of 20cm cake tin
Place dates and 2 cups of cold water into a saucepan and bring to the boil.  Then simmer for 5 minutes.  Remove from head and stir in bi-carb and allow to cool for a further 5 minutes.
Put butter, sugar, eggs, flour, spice and date mixture into a bowl and mix until just combined.
Bake for 1 hour – 1 hour 10 until or until a skewer comes out clean. 
Stand in the pan for five minutes to cool before removing.

Sauce ingredients

1.5 cups of firmly packed brown sugar
100g of butter
300mls of cream.

Sauce Method

Combine in a saucepan and cook over medium heat for five minutes until butter is melted.  Simmer for a further three minutes until sauce thickens.

Serve and Enjoy.

(Please see the June 2011 issue of Super Food Ideas for the full recipe on page 45)










Caz ~ Room For My Soul



Looks divine! If you are in Sydney I’d be happy to show you how to cook this in your microwave. It’s a Tupperware trick 😉


Wow that looks good!! Sticky Date pudding is not my thing but MrK loves it. Might have to have a crack at this one 🙂


Oh yum!! I will have to try that. I used to get super food ideas quite regularly, I might have to start again!
Suzi recently posted..What’s in a nameMy Profile


Hi Suzi – thanks for popping in for a visit. I’ve gone over the followed your very beautiful blog – but unfortunatly blogger still won’t let me comment on some blogs. I’m just going to have to hope you read this 🙂 Cazxx


My mouth started watering as soon as I saw all those lovely ingredients in the saucepan! I could just imagine how they were going to taste. It was a Lovely thought to make one for your friend.
Naturally Carol recently posted..Thanks a Bunch!My Profile


Sticky Date pudding has to be one of my all time favourite desserts! Yummo! I especially love butterscotch sauce and have to refrain myself from eating it straight from the saucepan!


You sound like a woman after my own heart!! If I’d let myself I think I could have just had a bowl of the Butterscotch sauce!! So naughty but so yummy.


I haven’t had sticky date pudding in soooo long. Guess what we’ll be having for dessert tonight? Love that last pic too! 🙂
Kellie recently posted..WIN- Secret women’s business Miss De Jour giveawayMy Profile


Oh, yummy, Caz! I think I will order one of these for my b’day next week!
Becky from recently posted..Its ALL About YOU- May Giveaway Tips on Making Time For Mum!My Profile


Looks gorgeous. Oh am jealous – would love some new carpets – it always smells so good when they are first laid.
Mummy Mania recently posted..Four and FabulousMy Profile


So love sticky date pudding, yummy winter dessert! Looks great, hope you had a good night!
jody recently posted..Grateful My Profile


I love love love sticky date pudding! Might have to get the bloke onto it for tomorrow night.

Love friends like those too.


Oh to have a bloke who can do that for you 🙂


Oh my, I should have waited until after I’d had something to eat to visit your blog. That looks divine, all the more because I am hungry!


Sorry about that Shelly! I know – and it’s just as good as it looks. Thanks for visiting my new blog 🙂 Caz

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