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Social Media Free Saturday

Social media is an interesting beast.  I’ve pretty much lived and breathed it since I started this blog back in 2009 – but if I’m honest I’m only starting to really ‘get it’ now – six years later.    Maybe that’s because these days I make part of my income in the world of digital communications, or perhaps because I’ve had my first experience of feeling a bit burned by social media recently.  (First time in six years – that’s pretty lucky I know.)    Or,  more likely, it’s because I’m starting to see how social media is going impact the world of my girls in the not so distant future. 

This year the powers that be deemed it necessary for my eldest to have an iPad for school.  (Deep breaths.)  To be honest I’m fully supportive of technology becoming part of education.    In fact I think it’s  really important.  Our kids are going grow up in a world filled with technology and school is one of the safest and most productive places for them to learn about it. 

But what I didn’t expect was how the new school iPad was going to opened up our home to an entire new level of social media.   Suddenly my daughter has access to email, face-time and a plethora of other junior social media produced by the Department of Education.  In the past my girls have never been overly obsessive about screen time or games. We’ve never had to worried too much about managing their online time or restricting access – because they didn’t really care that much.    But now that the social aspect of technology has arrived, I can see that this is going to change – quickly.  

Where as I used to have to  beg my mum to let me call my friends on our home phone (admittedly we talked for hours on end)  kids these days can face-time, message and email each other.   The social aspect of school life can keep running way outside of school hours.    You can send each other emails at night to arrange what to play at lunch time tomorrow and organised play dates before your parents even know you’re chatting.  It’s a brave new world of social overload. 

Now all these things are genuinely okay on their own, but what I am starting to see is that social media is luring my girl in and there is a real danger of it beginning to suck up too much of her life.  And that’s before we even start to think about the more  far-reaching implications. I think the time has arrived for some purposeful family planning around the use of  social media in our home. 

So this, along with my own personal revelation that I too need downtime, has led me to Social Media Free Saturdays.  I am beginning to think that as people we don’t actually turn off or enter into downtime when we are continually focused on our social media.    As a self-confessed  introvert, who gets my energy from downtime,  that can be exhausting.    Sounds weird I know – but I honestly don’t fully relax when I’m staying connected.  Forcing myself to spend some planned time away has been a revelation and a relaxation all wrapped up in one – not to mention  good role-modelling.

So my weekends are now pretty much social media free.  (To be honest I occasionally sneak a look on my phone – but it’s happening less and less I promise.)   And it feels good.   It’s almost like closing the door on work (or school or whatever the case may be) and walking away into my own life again.   (Feel that?   See it’s relaxing just thinking about it.)      Do you ever feel the need to unplug from social media?  How do you set limits for yourself and your family. 

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Caz ~ Room For My Soul



Definitely something in the air, Caz. We went from screen-free Sundays to screen-free Sun-Thursday last December. We’ve been switching off all Sunday for over two years now and it made a massive difference to the way our family connects with each other. I think it’s healthy to take a big break once a week from social media and other electronics. It’s good to learn to look within for company and curiosity. x
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I think a social media free weekend is an awesome idea Caz because like you I worry that my kids will end up wasting far too much time in the virtual world and enjoy less of being out there living it. A bit hypocritical coming from me who is a blogger and social media manager and spends my days online… but I know you know what I mean xx
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Hey lovely Sonia 🙂 I think the fact that we spend so much time on-line for work is probably exactly why we get this. And why it feel so good when we do choose to walk away 🙂
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Oh how I wish I had the strength not to look for an entire 24hrs! Hahaha I’m well and truly addicted to Social Media, but enjoy a few hours break here and there too. We’ve recently introduced monitored screen time for the kids as without boundaries, our kids would happily sit on screens all day long! GAH!


Thanks for dropping by Jac. It’s taken me a while to arrive here – but I am loving the down time.
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My babies are no up to this yet – but I hear what you are saying. As you say though – better to have them well educated. Happy social media free Saturdays to you my girl.


Thanks Cathy – I will enjoy it 🙂
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