Reading for 6-8 year olds. The Tinklers Three.

by Caz on February 11, 2014 · 17 comments

I have always loved reading to the girls.  I started with my eldest when she was three months old!  Yeah I know – a little too keen. But I loved doing it and she was happy just to be snuggled up close hearing my voice.   And do you know what – nothings changed on that front.   At nine she is  the world’s biggest bookworm and still begs me to read to her.  (Mission accomplished.)    In fact all three of my girls love being read to.  

Over the Christmas holidays we were lucky enough to get sent a copy of the first book in a  brand new kids series The Tinklers Three (A Very Good Idea) by Meredith Badger  to review.   The girls decided it would be the prefect opportunity for mummy to read to them and so we did just that.   Hello lazy summer hours sprawled on the couch together – how I love you.

The Tinklers Three_A Very Good Idea 2000px

I would suggest The Tinklers Three books suit a reading age of grade two to grade four. It’s easy reading with big words that flow well.   My seven-year old re-read it herself immediately after we’d finished.   But having said that all three girls (5,7,9) loved the storyline and couldn’t wait to start each chapter to hear more about the crazy lives of the Tinklers.   

Marcus Tinkler has two sisters. His big sister has an idea every time she sneezes. And his little sister … well, she thinks she is a turtle.  Marcus thinks that he is the most normal of the Tinkler children. But let me tell you a secret. Come closer so I can say it quietly: Marcus Tinkler is not really that normal. None of the Tinklers are.
Do you read to your older children?   I blame my own addiction to reading and stories on a teacher I had in primary school who read to us every day between 12.00 and 12.15.  Oh those where the days – when someone actually read to me.   Bliss.