GIVEAWAY: Panasonic ECONAVI 10kg Front Loader Washing Machine ($1,619) Congratulations Helen.

by Caz on January 23, 2014 · 185 comments

would you like a new washing machine

Washing.  It would have to be one of the most life defining things about a motherhood. You know the drill. Load goes in. Load comes out.  Load goes on the line.  Load comes off the line.  Load morphs into your own personal Mt Foldmore  (or Mt Ironmore if you’re a little keener than I am.)   Pause.  Take a deep breath. Perhaps wait a day or two until the kids start complaining they have no school socks left.  Load gets folded. Load gets divided.  Load is returned to the wardrobe of its instigator.    Repeat.   Daily.   For the next eighteen years!     Gah –  seriously it’s enough to drive the most picture perfect  parent into a head banging tango with a brick wall.

Okay, I think you get the picture – washing sucks.    But seeing as nudist  behaviour is still frowned upon in mainstream society it’s a necessary evil  – and seriously thank God for that!   So today  I’m  joining with Panasonic to see if we can’t make washing just a little bit easier.   Have you heard about their massive new 10kg ECONAVI front loader?    I think you’ll agree she’s  very perdy!

Panasonic Washing machine Giveaway

Panasonic tell me that many of us underestimate just how big our laundry loads are.  The national average weekly volume of washing is around 32kg.  (Egad – that’s more than my kids weigh.)    Actually it equates to about four loads in an 8kg machine.   (I would like to point out a little proudly here that my own family is obviously above average  – because we do 7 loads a week.)    But that’s about were the  joy ends for me because  Panasonic also tell me that even an extra two loads a week in an 8kg machine can mean up to four extra hours spent doing washing.   Noooooo!   And this is where a machine with a greater capacity can make a HUGE difference for us time poor parents.

The Panasonic ECONAVI 10kg washing machine has an extra-large capacity drum in a compact body – meaning you can do larger loads, without taking up any extra room in the laundry.  Better still, the Panasonic ECONAVI machines automatically sense the size of the load and adjust the wash to suit – great for energy-conscious families.

 Okay, I’m sold – where do I sign up?

I’m very excited to say that the good people at Panasonic have put aside one ECONAVI washing machine valued at $1619.00 with a Truth About Mummy reader’s name on it.   Yays.  You could be saving time in the laundry very soon.   But in the spirit of fairness Panasonic have also provided their top three tips to make washing easier for all of us.

three tips

  1.  The key to stain removal is acting fast! The sooner you put stains in the wash, the easier they are to remove.
  2.  Group each family member’s smalls (such as socks and underpants) together in laundry bags before the wash instead of after. That way, you can just throw in the wash and dryer, without time spent sorting at the end!
  3. Invest in a great, energy-efficient dryer, such as the new Panasonic Heat Pump dryer. The innovative new heat pump technology means you can put any item of clothing straight in the dryer, without the fear of ruining delicate clothing or high energy bills!

the giveaway

Would you like to have a Panasonic ECONAVI 10kg front Loader washing machine come live at your place?  Follow the four steps below to enter:

  1. In the comments below give me your best tip for saving time somewhere in the washing, drying and folding process.  The ten best answers,  as chosen by me, will be sent off and a winner selected by Panasonic’s PR team.
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