by Caz on January 21, 2014 · 11 comments



Have you heard of Stamptastic? It’s a stamp that you can use to name all of your kids stuff.  And I do mean all.   Clothes, toys, stationery, shoes, books, swimming goggles, bags, lunch boxes  – pretty much anything.   And it’s so much easier than writing, sewing or ironing on labels (and then hoping they don’t come  off in the wash).  I love these things and think you will too.


Stamptastic kindly sent me a set of three of their stamps, with my girls names on them,  and I have been madly stamping their stuff ever since – all in the name a good review.    The ink lasts well and the clear plastic stamping block means you can position the stamp in the right place every time.   I honestly love these little stampers and think they are going to make the whole back-to-school routine much easier.    You can check out more at the Stamptastic website.  I think you’ll be glad you did.   



Para’Kito is a new product from Europe designed to naturally stop mozzies attacking our kids.   I’m not sure about you but mosquito bites are on my  list of summers most hated things.  Especially as my middle girl reacts with huge swollen sore lumps that last for days.  Para’Kito uses wristbands and bag clips  (RRP $24.95) with refillable pallets containing a blend of 7 essential oils extracted from plants which naturally repel mosquitoes.   There are no chemicals involved which, along with the fact they essential oils don’t touch your skin, makes them totally safe – even for pregnant women.


 Para’Kito™ pellets last for fifteen days and are waterproof, meaning that swimming,  heavy rain or any general contact with water doesn’t affect its use.  Each band or clip already comes with 2 Para’Kito pellets –  giving you 30 days of protection.  Refill pellets can be bought at Para’Kito’s online  store for  around $8.00 each.

And of course what  you really want to know is do they work?  Well in our limited test period I’m  happy to report that they do. It’s so nice to send my middle pink off outside in the evening knowing she isn’t going to come back inside covered in itchy bites leaving her up all night scratching.   Para’Kito is in my opinion seriously worth considering for anyone who struggles with insect bites.


I have prattled on about how much my kids have enjoyed using LeapFrog products before.   They love them and I enjoy the smug feeling of knowing that with LeapFrog their  screen-time has educational value.  By far my five-year olds favourite  LeapFrog product has been the  new LeapReader pen we were sent to review way back in 2013.    

She has had fun getting a head start with learning letters and numbers, but what she has loved most of all is soaking up the information presented in the general knowledge books.  Spending time pointing the pen at the countries of the world (and being told the name and how they say “hello”) and learning the parts of the human body has fascinated her.  Just imagine the bucket load of funny facts she will be taking with her off to school this year.  The poor teachers won’t know what’s hit them.  The pen also holds music and  stories – making it very versatile and an awesome preschool activity.



Disclaimer:  From time to time I am sent products for my family and I to review.  Unless otherwise stated no financial incentive  has been offered or accepted.  All opinion are my own and I attempt to be as honest and respectful as possible.