2014 Unprocessed – getting my health back on.

by Caz on January 14, 2014 · 14 comments

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Time for me to update on my plans for  world domination  (maybe not just yet) to heal my body through clean eating, removing chemicals from our home and de-stressing.   Okay, sounds like a massive task when I write it down like that – but honestly it’s not.

A quick recap just in case you missed my first few posts last year.  I have Hashimoto.  It’s a autoimmune thyroid condition that can really mess with your body up.   Compared to many I have a fairly low level of symptoms but have been told I’ll have to take medication for the rest of my life.  (Not so comfortable about that).  I’ve been researching and reading books, blogs and forums for the past six months and about two months ago decided it was time to take the plunge with some serous dietary changes.

Since then I have committed to a process food free lifestyle and to falling in love with my kitchen again.  I’ve also gone mostly gluten free (before the gluten free experts  amongst us throw up their hands in disgust I realise that statement is full of wrongness – but I need some more time to fully transition) and in fact mostly grain free.   I am still eating dairy, eggs and nuts – but have plans to undertake an elimination process at some stage this year to work out if my body is reacting to either of these know allergy spikers too.

I am also slowly removing toxic chemical from our home.  One  by one I am replacing products with things that are known to be more natural and healthier for us and the environment.   And finally I’m trying really hard to reduce the stress in my life.  Not an easy thing right now – considering what’s been going on around here. But I am making a conscious effort to stop my stressing ways in their tracks.

Here is what I can tell you two months on.

  • I can sleep again.  Hallelujah!  I’ve been struggling with sleep issues/insomnia for years – especially while the pmt monster lurks within.    But I have slept better in the past two  months than I have in 10 years.   I give a good  bit of the credit for this to an awesome natural product I road tested called ReDormin (by Flordis) which I believe helped me reset my body clock.  But all in all I’m pretty sure clean healthy unprocessed living is restoring my sleep in an ongoing way.  (Cannot tell you how much that has changed my life for the better).
  • Acid Reflux is totally gone.  Again I have been suffering from this for years and had come to the point of taking regular prescription medication to deal with it.    But not any more.   I don’t even have a hint of indigestion left.
  • More stable blood sugar and less hunger.  I can go for much longer without getting hungry – but when I do start to feel hungry it hits with a ‘Feed Me Now’ punch.
  • Smoother Skin. I have always suffered from dry skin but am suddenly noticing it is feeling and looking much better.  No more flaky dry bits.
  • My taste has changed.  Cutting out processed food and refined sugar seems to have changed my taste.    For example I used to hate the taste of Stevia (natural sugar substitute) but now it tastes lovely.  I also keep giving the kids natural non-sweetened food and telling them how amazing it tastes only to have them pull sour faces and roll their eyes at me.
  • Weight loss I honestly don’t want to make a big deal about this because it’s not why I’m doing it – but I have lost some cms along the way.  The weight is coming off my mid-section at double the rate of the booty.  I don’t weigh myself on demoralising numeric scales but do measure my waist and hips when I feel my clothes getting looser and they are down about 5cm an 3cms respectively.  Not bad considering I don’t restrict calories and eat loads of yummy healthy fats every day.

So, what’s next?   Definitely keeping up with  New Years commitment not to eat any processed or boxed foods in 2014 and continuing to live a cleaner more chemical free  life.     The proof is in the pudding  – my body is loving this lifestyle.   I really want to test my tolerance to eggs and dairy – but frankly I’m still a little scared to remove them all from my diet, even temporarily, because it seems so restrictive.    Need to get my head around that one a bit more.

It’s also my plan in 2014 to visit a local naturopath and get some advice about supplements and other things that might be stopping my body healing naturally.  And finally I’m going to get back into my gentle jogging and walking.  After running my first 5kms late last year I’ve slacked off and gone back to just the occasional walk.   I know gentle exercise is important and makes me feel great – so I’ll be pulling my joggers back on and preparing for my first official 5km run – hopefully in march.

How’s your health going?   Share your story with me in the comments – I’d love to hear about it.

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