The Logo Board Game – loads of fun {+ one to giveaway – congratulations Rachel P}.

by Caz on May 26, 2012 · 139 comments

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When The Logo Board Game  arrived at our house a little while back I secretly did a little jump for joy.    There are few things I like more than the challenge  and fun of a good board game.   Seriously what’s not to like?  They bring people together, get you thinking and make you interact face to face with real live people!   So, I ‘facebooked’ a friend and set up a family play date.   It was time to get our board game on!

If you’ve grown up watching Australian TV and listening to Australian Radio you’re bound to enjoy this game.  Oh okay, there might well be the odd board game wowzer amongst us who doesn’t, but in my opinion it’s unlikely!   It’s based on questions about brands, logos and things we’ve all grown up with, and a race to the winners zone.   The nature of the questions mean pretty much everyone, who didn’t grow up living under a rock, is going to know some of the  answers.  And the nature of the board give a nice balance between skill and topsy-turvy luck.

Apart from the fact that  board games bring people together, the fun thing about The Logo Game is that it takes you on a little walk down memory lane.  You’ll be singing ‘My Dad Picks the Fruit that goes to (hmmm where?) to make the cordial I like best‘ and thinking back to remember what sporting activity the Solo Man was embarking on when he slammed it down fast.

Getting friends together is good.  Having a reason to laugh and remember is even better.  While we sat with our long time friends, a child each on our knees, we teased each other about failing memories, ate cake and drank coffee.  The kids loved the game too – even though most of it passed over their heads.  I think for them it’s just the pure joy of spending uninterrupted time with people they love.  Board games are  great for building family memories.   So, on  a bit of a roll we snuck in a few quick games of Uno and I rounded out the evening by teaching the girls to play Taboo.  Me?  Board game obsessed?  Never :)

Do you play board games with  your family?  What are your favourites?  I’m scratching my head thinking about what others I can start introducing to my little COGs!  Just in case you are as board game obsessed as me I have one copy to giveaway to a lucky commenter.  It’s valued at $39 and the giveaway is open until the midnight on the 12th of June, 2012. Follow the steps below to enter:

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