Doc McStuffins ~ cute and coming soon to the TV in your playroom!!

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There is just a little bit of excitement over at  Disney Junior right now as they prepare for the premier of Doc McStuffins early next month. Doc is a sunny little six-year-old who ‘Doctors’ those around her with love, care and a doctors bag of cute band aids.  With her team of stuffed animal helpers, who come to life when they’re alone with her, she solves problems and heals boo boos from her cubby house clinic after proclaiming the ‘Doctor is in’.

 We were lucky enough to be sent a preview episode for the Pink Reviewer Squad to test drive.   The first thing we were all struck by was the colourful bright presentation.  It’s lovely to watch and listen to.   The youngest squad member (4) was hooked  from the get go.  When I tried to distract her I got half sentences and jibberish as she tried and failed to pull her eyes away.  After three runs of the 11 minute show she was finally ready to reluctantly hand back my computer.   Miss 6 and 8 also enjoyed the show, albeit with a little less eye glued dedication.   The overall the verdict was a big thumbs up and I predict a sharp increase  in the ‘Doctoring’ at our house this week.  Best go hide the band aides now me thinks!  

 Five reason why Doc McStuffins might just be a good watch for the little people at your house.

  1. The animation is bright, colourful and very appealing.
  2. The message is a good one. Educating children about health and the medical profession in a fun and engaging way.  If you have a child who is fearful of doctors, or needs to see them more than average, this show would be a fabulous way to calm their fears.  Perfect viewing for hospital says!
  3. It has gentle pre-school humour – usually centered around the blue dragon ‘Stuffie’ who is sure to become a favourite with kids.
  4. It encourages creative play. I can almost guarantee you that your little people will be dragging out the Doctors Kits  (or begging you to buy one) and dispensing their own form of health care to the stuffed toys at your place.
  5. It portrays lots of good family values.  Helpfulness, friendship, family diversity to mention a few.

Doc McStuffins premiers on Disney Junior on the 8th of June at 9.15.  If I know my kids shows, and after 8 years watching them I’m pretty sure I do, the Doc is going to become a favourite of 3 and 4 years old kids across the nation.

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This is such a cute show. Love watching it 🙂


So, excited to see this Doc McStuffins in TV. For sure my kids will love to watch this one. This is perfect for my kids. I will definitely look forward on this in TV.
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Thanks for sharing such a lovely stuff…

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