Finally the App that makes the shopping centre a better place {+ $100 Stocklands giftcard giveway}

by Caz on April 24, 2012 · 47 comments

Yes, you heard it here first,  there is now and iphone app to make your local shopping centre a better place. That’s right, with one touch of your finger on your phone you can remotely blow up all the broken trolleys, delete over crowding in the ladies bathroom, and dock the pay of any  rude or unhelpful staff members on demand.    Oh the power – it’s beautiful thing :)

Okay, so I’m imagining things again but the good news is Stocklands have introduce and app that really does have the potential to make navigating their centres a better experience.   Though it won’t let you blow things up it is pretty cool and will help you to get around the centre with much less fuss and frustration.   It tells you exactly what shops are available and where each one is located.   It also provides contact information, opening hours and even gives you news and updates from individual shops – including special deals.   One of my favourite features is  the digital shopping list.  Being a list writer from way back this one really makes me smile!   No more lost lists or crazy head scratching trying to remember what I need.    And finally there is a  savings calculator and a spot to leave feedback for Stocklands.    If only it could carry my shopping bags out to the  car it would be close to perfection!

I’ve got to tell you this app has really impressed me and I think other shopping centre chains should be rushing out to emulate Stockland’s brilliant idea.  I know I’ll use this app – especially when visiting  an unfamiliar Stocklands.  My one criticism is that they need to release it on  android too.



You can download the Stocklands App for free right now from your iphone.  As a thank-you for checking out the App Stocklands have given The Truth About Mummy a $100 Stocklands giftcard to giveaway! How cool would that be?  A $100 shopping spree to help you check out the app.  Noise!   To enter follow the steps below:

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This giveaway is open to all Australian residents from  24th April 2012 to the  10 May 2012.  The winner/s will be judged on the creativity/strength of their answers.  The total prize pool is   $100.  The winner/s will be contacted via email and asked for an address for their prize to be sent to.   Prize winners can also been found on the giveaway winners tab.  If the winners do not respond within 7 days of  the giveaway being drawn it will be re-drawn from the same pool of entrants. Entries will remain the property of The Truth About Mummy and may be republished on this site.   disclaimer:  i have not received any form of payment for this post – i was however provided a $100 giftcard to test drive the app with.  All opinions expressed are completely my own.  Thanks~you for reading and good-luck.