HEART WHISPERS: Living in the moment.

by Caz on March 3, 2012 · 9 comments

Living in the moment.   Stop.  Breath.  Enjoy the now.   Sounds pretty simple,  but for some reason the worries of the past and future seem to creep their way back into my mind and muddy up my contentment way to often.  What’s really silly is that if I open my mind and really think about it, I don’t have anything much to worry about and no real excuse not to live happily moment by moment.   My family is healthy, we have a home, a business and my girls have a great future ahead of them – thank you God above.    Of course nothing in life is guaranteed – but all in all I have a lot to be thankful for.

So why don’t I live in the moment more?  Good question and one I’ve been asking myself this week.   This term I’ve been learning all about why some mums have that little yellow triangle sticker on their cars that reads MUMS TAXI.  Between school pick-ups and drop-offs, two classes of reading a week, PFA meetings, Kinder, swimming lessons and dance classes (and a few play-dates thrown in for good measure) I’m single-handedly keeping the Ballarat petrol stations in business.   I’d imagined that with two kids at school and only one at home  life would feel more relaxed and slower, but alas it doesn’t.   I feel myself ticking off trips, like chores, waiting to get to the end so I can experience some peace and let my mind unwind.  Not really a recipe for living in the moment, especially as there is still housework to tick off before I can get into my unwinding space.

Get the picture?  I need to learn to live in the moment regardless of what’s happening in my life.  Being able to organise myself  into the  perfect ‘unwinding’ circumstances is just not a luxury I have these days.  Right this moment I’m trying to put this into practice.   It’s early Saturday morning and the kids have all wondered out of bed during my early morning ‘me time’.  I can feel the internal stress rising and I start getting asked a million questions and the noise begins to build.  There is a battle going on in my mind.   ‘If I was a good mum I’d just put my things down and focus on them – but hang on, shouldn’t they learn to respect my time too and develop patience by not being the centre of my attention every waking moment of the day.’  Arrrggghhh – where’s the serenity?

I think living in the moment is a choice.  One you have to practice a lot before you get good at it.  I am not good at tuning into my own senses and feeling centred amidst the chaos of life – but I really want to be.   I want to tune in, be fully aware and appreciate the good stuff.  Life is busy – end of story.  Being at peace within that busyness would be beyond wonderful.   Now, to learn how to reign in those stresses and worries, acknowledged they’re there for a reason but not let them rule over me.  I know it’s possible but just how do you make it happen?