JUST FOR FUN: The Top Song for the Year You Were Born.

by Caz on January 6, 2012 · 5 comments

My friend on facebook just prompted me to find out the song that was number one for the year I was born (1970 – yep I’m  THAT old).  So being the loyal facebookian I am I did what I was told.  (Not at all because once I saw hers I just had to know mine!)  And this is what I found.  To be totally honest I’ve never really listen to it meaningfully before and was surprised how beautiful it is,  I actually brought tears to my eyes (not to say that takes much).  Listen and enjoy.


Do you know the number one song from the year you were born?  If you don’t today might be a good day to find out and share.  Tell me in the comments and I’ll spend the afternoon checking them all out on you-tube.