THINGS I KNOW: The going away edition

by Caz on December 2, 2011 · 8 comments

I’m almost packed!  It’ almost Saturday.  We’re almost on holidays . We’re heading off to Mildura’s Sunraysia Resort for a week with family.  Think of us if you like.  Playing by the pool, eating fresh fruit and soaking up some extra sunshine. I’m so ready for some relaxing right now.  It’s a little pre-Christmas wind~down and I’m planning on winding~down as much as I possibly can.  So, if you pass by my blog and notice it’s looking a little neglected please don’t worry.  It just means the sun has gone to my head I can’t be bothered picking up the laptop to post :O)  I’ll leave you by linking up with Yay For Home with a few things I know about going away.  Happy week everyone (i know mine will be!)

  • Cars with ‘going on holidays’ pods and multi-story car parks don’t mix.  See  yesterday post for proof.
  • Getting prepared and packed for a family holiday is exhausting – meaning you really need a holiday by the time your ready.
  • House sitters are fabulous people.  Thanks for feeding Jack, Lucy, Penny and Benny and watering  my tomato plants house sitter :O)
  • A week without packing lunches, school and kinder drop offs, ballet and swimming lessons, and all he other bit and bobs that make up daily life, is just what I need right now.  Bring on some relaxed family time in the sunshine!
  • I pack way to much whenever we go away.  We never use it all but I’m always thinking ‘what if we need it’ so it comes anyway!
  • Despite all of the above, coming home is always my favourite part of going away.