Blogger Butt Saturday :)

by Caz on January 8, 2011 · 11 comments

Welcome to the first installment of the ongoing chronical of Caz and her amazing blogger butt.  You’ll be delighted as you read about her well meaning but often dismal attempts to lose 5% of her body weight by making healthy choices and moving her butt more.

Week one 

Truth first – always.  It’s been a slow start from me.  But before I get all discouraged let me just say a couple of things. 

  • I have been thinking a lot about this body weight thing and reading lots of other wonderful postings from you all out there in bloggy land.   It’s a big issues for many of us and one that, for me, will take some real lifestyle changes – not  few weeks on a diet. Of this I am sure but about just how to make those changes I’m not so sure.
  • Exercise is important.  Until I had kids I was a regular exerciser – but I needed a lot of variety, or exercises that fitted into my life, to keep away the boredom.  Since the pinks arrived my exercise has been limited pretty much to when the Dear One puts his earmuffs on and drags his grumpy wife out for a walk.  I’ve been too tired and struggled with the best way to organise the kids to allow me the free time to exercise alone.  I think I just put it all in the to hard basket.  So lifestyle change no one is begin to work regular exercise back into my life.  (The kids got a Wii for Christmas with a Wii fit so i have actually been using that – it’s fun and gentle and a good way to start.)
  • The food mouth connection. Oh my goodness I love to eat.  I’ve spent much of this week being aware of my eating and how it makes me feel.  I am a fully fledged comfort eater.  Eating makes me happy, content and satisfied and now I’m thinking about giving that up ….. I can hear my internal two year old banging tantrum style on the floor as I write this.  Over the hard years of sleep deprivation, and having to put myself last while I looked after newborns and toddlers, I’ve come to depend on my foodie friend as ‘my thing’.  It’s gunna take me some time to retrain myself.  I can hear Dr Phil in my head already ‘How’s that working for you?’ ‘You have to replace one habit with another!’.  What I really have to learn is to say  a  big old ‘NO’ to the internal two year old when she say ‘I WANT’ and deal with the tantrums!

So that’s it for Blogger Butt Saturday for me.  I’m going to be trying to work exercise into my lifestyle again and cut down on the comfort eating.   There will be no huge calorie cutting diets here (because they make me fat – probably because the internal two year old just can’t cope) but there will be me saying ‘yes’ to more exercise and ‘no’ putting food in my mouth just to feel good.  Wish me luck and I’ll report back in with the next Saturday.